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Web and Mobile Apps

Develop. Host. Maintain.

Website/Mobile Apps

In building or enhancing a website, we take the most advanced Human Centric and UX (User Experience) approach, identifying the type of application, business and audience. This approach allows us to build “customer focused” websites that encourages sales and services while clearly delivering the message and information you intend to provide to your Customers. We provide competitive prices for domain names across TLDs (.com, .net, .org, .edu, .xyz) and hosting services including shared, semi-dedicated and dedicated servers at the lowest market rates and highest up-time. We continuously manage your website to Optimize search visibility employing the best SEO techniques.Whether it is a basic website to serve the core purpose OR a custom designed website concentric to your needs, we will help you identify your best goals to match you need and budget. We leverage our proprietary DTSment technique to build applications that attracts users, and enables your customers to easily understand your product and interact with your system for a seamless business process.We utilize advanced Agile methodologies and lean techniques to build a ship ready product in the least required time that surpasses industry’s best standards.So no matter what type of application you need, we have the state-of- the-art technology to make you shine!

Logo Design:

Logo is one of the faces of your company. Logo makes you stand out in terms of branding and marketing. We will read the mind of your business to create an image that reflects your brand.

Website Maintenance:

Do you already have a website? Are maintenance costs unreasonable and cumbersome? Let it our expertise. We will maintain your existing website while improving the health and lowering costs.

    -Firmware updates
    - Daily backups
    - Performance Optimization
    - Security Monitoring
    - Automatic Spam removal
SEO Services:

Not getting enough attention? We will get you there! Search Engine Optimization is the solution.

Internet Marketing:

Targeting your customers locally and globally. Online marketing is the only technique that can sky rocket your business overnight.It is easy to start your social marketing across multiple platforms, But, getting you the viral vibe is where the magic lies. We own that magic. Our social media and online marketing experts will make your online presence Seen and Heard!